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January 1, 2020
February 20, 2024
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Pabllo Vittar is an icon’s icon: a world-renowned drag queen, pop star, and fashion disruptor who also happens to be the most-followed drag queen on Instagram (more than Mother Ru!). Already a household name in her native Brazil, Vittar has served up looks in Vogue, crossed tongues with Diplo, and, oh yes, is the first drag queen ever nominated for a Latin Grammy.

Their meteoric rise in the pop music scene might suggest an overnight sensation, but Vittar’s been crafting their own unique brand of polished pop and drag performance for some time. They’d already been performing in Brazilian beauty contests, bars, and parades for years when, in 2014, their now-legendary cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” debuted on Brazilian television and announced Vittar as a singular talent. The rest, as they say, is herstory.

Since then their career has exploded globally: Vittar has released two massive albums and a major ep; collaborated with Diplo, Charli XCX, Major Lazer, and Anitta; performed at Coachella; and surpassed one billion views on Youtube.

We sat down with Vittar as part of BLOOP’s High Tea series, which profiles LGBTQ+ celebrities, leaders, and iconoclasts from around the world in an authentic, fun, and sex-positive setting. Dig in below to find out about the softness of Diplo’s tongue, how to get Vittar’s attention on Grindr, and more.

Who are your fashion icons?

My fashion icons are my friends; I like watching people walking down the street. I don’t think fashion has to be this grandiose thing, it’s about taking what you already have and expressing yourself.

You’ve already worked with Charli XCX, but what other pop artist working today would you like to collaborate with?


I’ll harmonize on an album, don’t test me.

Ha! I’d love to do more stuff with Charli XCX, I love her, and I’m always doing things with Diplo, he’s on my second album. I really love Rosalía, would love to do a feature with her. I just saw her show in Mexico, she’s incredible.

What are you listening to right now?

I really like BLACKPINK.

Do you have any makeup or grooming tips for Grindr users?      

Whenever you’re getting ready to meet your Grindr hookups make sure you put moisturizer on, some chapstick. Make sure your lips are nice and fresh for your boy.

What was it like to kiss Diplo?

Every time someone asks me that I get goosebumps because it was so incredible. I want everyone to hear this: his tongue was the softest tongue I’ve ever felt.

Who is your current celebrity crush?

I have a big crush on Bad Bunny, he’s very much my type of man: tall, paints his nails.


I almost painted my nails today, big mistake.


What’s the best way to get your attention on Grindr?

I definitely need a face pic, because when you go to meet someone you’re not going to meet just a torso.

Do you have a memorable Grindr story for us?

One time I met up with a flight attendant.

On the plane?

No! He was staying at the same hotel as me and I went down to his room, and he ended up being a superfan. It was cool, I like the recognition, but I really just wanted to kiss someone.

Where does one find you on a Saturday night?

I’ll probably be at home playing video games or at the club with my friends.

You hit one billion views on Youtube recently, how does that feel?

I feel good and happy. I want to continue to achieve my goals, I’ve got a lot more dreams. It’s something that makes me happy and makes my fans happy. Look how far I’ve come from the northeast of Brazil.

What does “Pride” mean to you?

Pride’s more than a word for me. It’s who you are, it’s what you believe in, and what you’ll fight for regardless of who’s watching.

What’s next for Pabllo Vittar?

Like my album says,Não Para Não”, I won’t stop— I’ve got a lot more coming.

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Table of Contents
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