Unrestricted. Unapologetic. Uncensored.

Your weekend is booked: you’ve got dinner with clients in an hour, drinks with friends after, and a flight to Hong Kong in the morning. When it comes to your Grinding, every minute counts, and you can’t afford to waste time—or have your clients see you in the grid during dessert.

Introducing Grindr Unlimited, the most convenient and discreet Grindr experience ever, offering our most exclusive features:

Viewed Me — See who's checking you out.
Unsend — Undo sent messages and photos.
Incognito — Browse without being seen.
Typing Status — Know when someone’s messaging you.
Unlimited Profiles — Always find a fresh face.
Expiring Photos — Send pics that disappear from others’ phones after one 10-second view.
Chat Translate — Detects other users’ language and translates for you.
And ALL the features that come with Grindr XTRA.

Endless possibility. Infinite connection. Total discretion. With Grindr Unlimited, nothing will delay your satisfaction.

Unlimited is now available on iOS and Android.