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Sure, testimonials are kind of a cliché, but admit it: Everybody loves a good story. And since Grindr gets so many people together in so many ways, we know that plenty of you have really interesting tales about the connections you’ve made using the app. Whether Grindr helped you find a new circle of friends, a boyfriend, a husband, or just a really good pal, the world wants to hear about it.

So share your story with us! (Please keep it clean and public-friendly.)

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Dillon  in Rochester (United States)

I was on grindr for years doing the usual thing, until I sent one message to my now husband. The second I messaged him i knew it would be different. Two weeks later I made the hour drive to go see him and every weekend, and sometimes 2 or 3 times during the week I would make the trip up there. He then took me on a downhill mountain bike trip and I fell in love with him and asked him to be mine. Two months later I dropped to one knee and asked him to marry me. We are now in our 6th month of marriage and its the most wonderful feeling to ever imagine.

Jeff  in Woodbridge (USA)

My boyfriend and I met in January of 2011. 

He was coming back from a snowboarding trip in Canada traveling south on I-95 and I was stopped at a filling station getting gas going north on I-95 and sent a quick “hey there”.

Hours later when he responded, he was 120 miles away….

We started chatting during that week despite the distance.  Within two weeks we finally met face to face and fell in love.

Its now been 15 months and we are living together and happy as can be.

Thanks Grindr!

Fred  in Quezon City (Philippines)

There is hope! A PH USA love story n_n

Well, as we all know, Grindr is normally for guys around your area. Our story is a little different. I met my boyfriend while he was here visiting his relatives. Call it luck or fate that we found each other on Grindr. It was just another December day when I logged in, saw him online, messaged him and then asked if we can meet up. We went out for a date or two even with the expectation that he will leave soon. Yes, we are oceans apart. We were on a dating spree because when we met up he only had 4 more days before he went back to his country. Eventually we talked about being together and we came to an understanding that we have to be together. It was a little bittersweet for me that he had to leave and go back home, long distance relationships can be tough. At the end of the day I realized that a guy like him doesn’t come more than once in a lifetime. I have also realized that distance just physical separation. If it’s love, then it can survive this temporary setback. Yes, being separated physically as of the moment can be tough but sooner or later I know that we will be together. Thank you Grindr for setting me up on this adventure which doesn’t only challenge me to go outside my comfort zone, but you taught me on how to live life through love.

PS, passport check! now need to get that visa :] am crossing my fingers

Dwight  in San Diego (USA)

It was a serendipitous meeting for sure!  I saw this amazing smile showing up in my area and so I said “hello, nice smile”.  I had no idea where it would lead or if I would even hear from him.  Sixteen hours later I received a text back from here with a response of “How are you?”.  At that time I saw he was 114 miles away.  I figured at that point he must have been visiting and we would probably never see each other again. We had small talk back and forth and exchanged numbers. We talked through Grindr and texting for the next two weeks and finally met.  The connection was there instantly.  A little over a month later and we are working on our plans to be together for the rest of our lives.  It was a total chance meeting and unexpected surprise for us both considering our histories.  Thank you for bringing us together and we are always laughing now that 20 years from now when we have our anniversary we are going to have to confess on how we met on a site for hookups.  I have always said Grindr is what you make of it and it gave me my one true love.

There is a lot more to this story and I would love to share it, but for the sake of keeping it short, I didn’t include it here.  I would be glad to submit more if you were interested.


Anthony  in Toronto (Canada)

I typically used Grindr to cure the onset of boredom, and hell, even hooked up using it.  Never thought in a million years I would have met the love of my life on it!  We’ve been together now for 1.5 years and probably gonna pop the question in the near future as well.  I have to thank Grindr for making this union possible or I would have never met my soul mate!

Andrew  in Halifax (Canada)

I had always thought of Grindr as a hook-up app. It wasn’t until I found out that men in ultra conservative areas were using it to find each other for social calls and real LT dating that I decided that it was ok and DL’d it. Now, I am an avid supporter of this app. It is an awesome tool that I have met many friends on and helped many other come out.

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