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Sorry About That…

Posted on July 19, 2012 by Joel

Hey, guys.

I want to take a minute to personally apologize for the service disruptions that you experienced during the past few days. I know it was frustrating; I was frustrated myself. Just like many of you, I rely on Grindr in my day-to-day personal life, and not having access to it made me feel disconnected.

One of my No. 1 priorities as Grindr's CEO is to make sure that the app remains stable and -- quite simply -- that it's working. So when we discovered that wasn't the case, we immediately set to work fixing the screw-up. The service disruption was a challenging thing to address, but our tech team worked around the clock to solve the problems and to whip Grindr back into shape.

We're confident that we got the problem under control, and we put additional measures in place to prevent this kind of disruption from happening again. And in order to bring the app to a higher level of stability and quality, we look forward to releasing the new Grindr later this summer. It'll be a revolutionary new improvement in every way, and we're really excited about it.

And to all of you, our users: Thank you for your loyalty. Also, to try to make it up to our paid users, we'll be offering all our Grindr Xtra subscribers an additional seven days of service, an extension that will appear within the next several days.

Thanks for being part of the Grindr community!

Yours truly,

Joel Simkhai