Last updated 2022-07-06

Grindr works with third-party partners to bring you the Grindr Services, and they generally fall into three categories:

This section provides more detail on who these partners are, what type of information they may receive, for what purposes we may be sharing that information, and a link to their respective privacy policies so you can learn more about their data collection and use practices. This list of partners will be updated from time-to-time.

Service Providers

Our Service Providers provide a range of services that cover the full spectrum of data types and purposes for which we process user data. The information is shared with these partners to facilitate the Grindr Services - in some cases directly (such as video call services through Agora) and in some cases in a support function. Below is a representative list of our Service Providers, a link to their privacy policies, a summary of the information we may share with them, and a brief description of the types of services they provide for Grindr:

Technical Tools and Services: We partner with several companies who provide the technical infrastructure that our Services run on, and who provide our internal customer services systems, case management tools, and fraud prevention services. We sometimes use software engineering and support contractors to help us further extend and support our Services.

Grindr Ads and Messages delivered within App: Grindr works both with Ad / Marketing Partners (see list below) and other partners to provide ads and product promotions within our own services.

Ads Served by Grindr on Third-Party Platforms: Grindr also works with AppsFlyer to provide ads and product promotions regarding the Grindr services on third-party platforms (e.g., Meta and Snap) to run user acquisition and promotional campaigns. See Behavioral Advertising to learn how to control your advertising preferences.

Getting User Feedback: We partner with several tools that help us engage with users to get their feedback, either directly through survey tools or indirectly by looking at social media comments or app store ratings and comments.

Ad / Marketing Partners

Our Ad / Marketing Partners help facilitate the advertising experience within Grindr’s Services which may include everything from ad selection (including interest-based advertising), impression and click measurement, frequency capping, conversion and other forms of reporting, to fraud detection and defense. Such partners include:

We may also promote programs and events with marketing partners to offer discounts, contests and sweepstakes, early access, or other information or incentives to our users. If you decide to enter a contest, sweepstake, or promotion that is sponsored by a marketing partner, the information that you provide will be shared with us and with them. Their use of your information is not governed by this Policy.

Other Partners

Grindr also has relationships with Other Partners that provide features and services to you when you use our Services. In these cases the Other Partner is not acting as a Service Provider to Grindr and is working with you directly. The data passed to them is the information necessary to facilitate the type of service they provide. For example, when processing a payment we need to provide your basic contact details and credit card information to these Other Partners in order to process a charge to your credit card.

Chat Backup Services: When you want to backup your chat history on your device, we leverage the services provided by the mobile operating system you’re using.

Payment Processing: When you make purchases outside of the App Store, those are processed through our payment partners.

OpenID and Social Links: We offer users the option to use a third-party partner to authenticate into their Grindr account, as well as provide social links from within their profile.