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Wetin we mean say make persin dey undetectable?

Persin dey undetectable wen dem dey HIV-positive an dem dey take dem melecin well-well so tey di virus don go down patapata for dem bodi. E don go down so tay di test wey dem do no go show am for dem blood again.

Science don confam am say wen persin wey dey live with HIV dey undetectable, dem not only dey kampe for bodi, dem also no fit pass dis HIV to anoda persin. So, Undetectable = No Fit Transmit (U=U) .

Persin go dey undetectable as long as dem continue to dey take dem melecin as doctor talk am.

Make persin dey undetectable no mean say di persin don dey cured of HIV, but e dey good to use prevent am. 

Some pipu dey wey dey live with HIV wey get viral load wey no dey show. Dey fit have sex wey safe if dem use tings wey dey prevent HIV like condom and PrEP.

Check out TheBody or for more tori. (Link to place to get more tori for English)