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Wetin makke I ask for to see say dem dey give me di STD test wey complete pass?

Di ansa to dis question go depend on di kain sex wey you dey have. Di doctor go first need to do HIV test for yu, do blood test for syphillis, an do urine test for STD for yor blokos. If yu dey do oral sex, yu go make sure say yor doctor take cotton swab yor mouth to see weda STD dey dia. And if na bottom yu be, una go make sure say dem swab your nyash too. 

E dey important say make una also test for Hepatitis B at least for one time, an for Hepatitis C sef, especially if HIV dey yor body. 

Make una go look dis one minute video from Greater Than AIDS for more tori. (Link to place to get more tori for English)