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Shey I suppose tell my doctor about my sexual orientation or gender identity?

Di answer to dis question dey somehow. For some people, e fit nor dey safe to go tell dem doctor, especially if dem dey live for country wey don ban LGBT, or where wetin yu tell yor doctor no dey safe between una two by law.

But, if una trust yor doctor well, dem go dey able to care for yu. Telling dem about yor gender identity, sexual orientation, an all di kain sex wey yu dey have, go allow dem do all di test wey dem need to keep una well.

Make yu remember say yu deserve experience for di office of yor doctor wey dey safe an wey no dey shame you. If yor doctor begin to tell una say yor sexual orientation, gender identity, or di sex wey yu dey have dey wrong, just tell am nicely say make e mind im business. Na only medicin yu come talk about for hia.

Make una check dis one minute video from Greater Than AIDS for more tori. (Link to place to get more tori for English)