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In 2022, there has been an active outbreak of meningitis among LGBTQ people in Florida. Click here to find a vaccination site in Florida.


Bacterial Meningitis is a severe bacterial infection that causes inflammation of the membranes
covering the brain and spinal cord. It can be serious and sometimes fatal.

You can get it from someone who is infected by kissing, oral, vaginal/front hole sex, or anal sex.
Sharing cigarettes or smoking equipment, such as pipes, can also pass on meningitis.

There is an effective vaccine. One shot is given for people who are HIV-negative and two shots
for people who are living with HIV. Contact your healthcare provider, pharmacy, or your
local health department to get a vaccine appointment.

If you get meningitis, there are effective treatments but it’s important to get treatment right away.


For more testing information, you can find free and low-cost testing for both STIs and HIV at

For information about other topics, including additional information about sexual health and
substance use, click here.