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If I’m cis and someone asks my pronouns, is it offensive to give a joking answer?

For many people who are cisgender, the opportunity to share their pronouns can feel like a tempting opportunity to make a joke. It’s easy to think that their pronouns should be obvious based on how they dress or how they act, so some people give an answer that is obviously inconsistent with their presentation or one that is altogether silly. 

The problem is, even if we think our pronouns should be obvious, talking about pronouns is an important way for some people to connect with others and create a social environment where they can be themselves. 

On Grindr, we strive to create a space that is inclusive of trans and non-binary people. That’s why transphobia is explicitly against our community guidelines. We set up the option for users to write their pronouns on their profile so that trans users can tell everyone how they should be referred to. 

We ask cisgender Grindr users not to use the pronouns section of their profile to make a joke out of trans identity. If you see someone doing this in a transphobic way, you can report them for violation of the community guidelines. 

This is intended for trans and non-binary Grindr users to communicate their pronouns. If you are a cis male user, we ask you not to use this field to make a joke. See more here.