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At-Home HIV Testing and Self-Testing

Home testing, referred to more commonly as self-testing in some parts of the world, allows access to essential HIV testing in the privacy and safety of a person’s own home. 

Embedding links in the Grindr interface so that users can order at-home test kits in certain countries has become one of the most powerful strategies the app employs for increasing testing among our community members. This is achieved through partnerships with local organizations in each country who process the orders and provide the kits. Grindr does not store personal information related to users accessing kits, nor does Grindr share any personal information with its organizational partners


TakeMeHome in the United States

We’re proud to partner with Building Healthy Online Communities (BHOC), to offer home testing through the US.  This national program, supported by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and led by Emory and BHOC allows folks nationwide in the US to order free, at-home, HIV self-test kits that provide results in minutes - no doctor’s appointment needed! 

Many other local sites offer HIV and additional STI testing through BHOC’s other program, TakeMeHome™ via Grindr.

US residents can also order a test kit outside the app here.


MPOWER in Ireland

For Irish Grindr users, self-test kits are available from MPOWER at HIV Ireland along with many other HIV-related services. Self-tests can be ordered outside of the app here.


Equality Movement in the country of Georgia

For Georgian Grindr users, self-test kits are available from Equality Movement along with other LGBTQ-focused services. Self-tests can be ordered outside of the app here.


If you live in one of these three countries, you can order a test kit inside the Grindr app:

  • Click your profile photo in the upper left hand side of the Grid, select Free Home HIV Test, OR
  • Go to Edit Profile, scroll to Health, select Testing Reminders, select Free Home HIV Test.