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Grindr Xtra

Grindr: It’s your favorite app.
Grindr Xtra: It’s your favorite app on steroids.

Download Grindr Xtra

Load more guys

Get the edge over your Grindr friends with Grindr Xtra, our top-notch subscription service. For a low monthly fee, Grindr Xtra strips away all of the banner advertising and gives you increased functionality and a long list of cool, enhanced features. Plus, you’ll be the first in line for notifications on the freshest products and improvements when we roll them out of the Grindr labs.

But the best part of Grindr Xtra? More guys! And while we might not have the technology (yet) to make those guys literally jump out of your phone, Grindr Xtra can help you load more guys onto your screen and -- we hope -- load more guys into your life.

Get the Xtra experience

Get the following premium features with a Grindr Xtra subscription.

Online-only view

It’s an option that’ll let you see only the guys who are online and ready to chat right now. Say goodbye to those gray circles for good.

Up to 300 local guys.

That’s roughly 200 more than you get on basic Grindr -- and much better odds of finding a cool guy. We all know that on Grindr, quantity is quality.

Unlimited blocks.

See more of your favorite guys and less of your least favorite ones.

Cascade swipe.

Swipe through various open profiles on your online cascade view. (Available on iOS and Android)

Priority customer support.

Grindr Xtra users jump to the front of the tech-support line and get their questions and concerns addressed by the Grindr team first and fastest.

Push notifications.

We understand that sometimes you have to do other things with your mobile device. So Grindr Xtra will alert you to any new messages you get while you're not logged into the app.

Quick Menu.

Grindr Xtra's Quick Menu gives you the power to more easily display and send saved photos, phrases, and active chats. (Available on iOS and Android)

Saved phrases.

Got a slick opening line you’d like to keep in your back pocket, or just something you find yourself typing a lot? Save it and have it ready to go -- and look like the sharpest chatter on the scene. (Available on iOS and Android)

Grindr Xtra: now available in all shapes and sizes

Start chatting with our 2 million daily active users in 196 different countries. We offer Grindr Xtra on iOS and Android -- so more of you can load more guys in more places.

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