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Sure, testimonials are kind of a cliché, but admit it: Everybody loves a good story. And since Grindr gets so many people together in so many ways, we know that plenty of you have really interesting tales about the connections you’ve made using the app. Whether Grindr helped you find a new circle of friends, a boyfriend, a husband, or just a really good pal, the world wants to hear about it.

So share your story with us! (Please keep it clean and public-friendly.)

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Blake  in Beaverton (USA)

I was vacationing in Portland, OR trying to find a place to live when I got a message from Grindr and it was someone asking if we had friends, or events going on. We didn’t know anyone so he offered to show us the city and take us out to the ocean. It was a great trip out here and we made great friends with him and his partner. We still remain close friends and hopefully will for a long time!

Luke and Josh  in North Little Rock (USA)

My partner and I took a cruise back on May 23rd for a week in the Caribbean and after meeting some cool guys to show us around Miami’s gay scene down in south beach, we boarded the ship the very next morning. Well we decided to change our profile status to let anyone who might be going on the cruise to help us all find each other! (They have these friends of Dorothy parties every night but not all gay men knows what that means and many never show up because of it being such an old code phrase)

I couldn’t believe it the screen was FULL of guys from their early 20’s to their late 50’s and we got to work rounding up the homos! Now, we are avid cruisers and usually there isn’t but about 5-10 gay passengers we ever meet on a cruise, but over 50 guys ended up being on board just in the passengers and another 30 or so of the crew and on board staff. We took over the piano bar every night and once it got a round club time we’d hit the club up, I’d made friendly with the DJ and he loved how we would get the party going in there so every time our little entourage would enter the disco he’d flip tracks to it’s raining men and the crowd would go wild!  It was almost like we were on an all gay cruise, and we ran the social scene on deck and everywhere we managed to show up!

By the time we left, we’d made so many friends that we decided to favorite each other on Grindr add each other on facebook, and get the whole gang together again for another cruise next year!

Page 17 of 17 pages
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