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Sure, testimonials are kind of a cliché, but admit it: Everybody loves a good story. And since Grindr gets so many people together in so many ways, we know that plenty of you have really interesting tales about the connections you’ve made using the app. Whether Grindr helped you find a new circle of friends, a boyfriend, a husband, or just a really good pal, the world wants to hear about it.

So share your story with us! (Please keep it clean and public-friendly.)

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Timickus  in Roanoke (United States)

I was using Grindr on my move from NY to VA after picking up my life for a relocation. I stopped in Hagerstown overnight to rest and turned on Grindr. I have to thank Grindr because that is the night that I met my boyfriend Chris and fell madly in love with him. 

Thanks Grindr for allowing us to be able to connect with each other as friends, lovers, and more.

Chris  in Richmond (United States)

I got on Grindr right before coming out to my parents and I had been on it for about a year before I met my now fiancé Kyle! He’s so awesome and I have this app and you guys to thank for helping me find him because without it, I would’ve never found him.

Anthony  in Nottingham (England)

I’d just like to say, thank you. About a month ago i installed your App, after one maybe two days I went on a date with an amazing guy, who now is truly the love of my life. I’ve spent four years looking (since i was 18) and now thanks to you guys i’ve found him. Thank you thank you thank you!! x ant and scott x

Arthur  in Revere (United States)

I was using grindr to explore my sexuality and help build self confidence as I discovered my most comfortable self. And out of nowhere I met someone who has changed me forever. I’m in a healthy happy loving and strong relationship with a beautiful person. We met on grindr. I am forever grateful.

Beach guy  in Florida (usa)

I just wanted to say thank you for such an AMAZING app. I met my boyfriend on there. I thought i was done with relationships until he came along and treated me with the upmost respect. He is truely an amazing guy. If it wasnt for Grindr i wouldnt have him. Thank you so so so much!

David  in Nottingham (UK)

I was ready to delete [Grindr] when a gay couple started to talk to me, I replied.
Not long after I met them and now they are my closest friends in the world, I’v almost known them 6 months and they know everything about me, they are the most trustworthy and kindest people I’v ever met and I have Grindr to thank for it.

Page 2 of 17 pages
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