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Sure, testimonials are kind of a cliché, but admit it: Everybody loves a good story. And since Grindr gets so many people together in so many ways, we know that plenty of you have really interesting tales about the connections you’ve made using the app. Whether Grindr helped you find a new circle of friends, a boyfriend, a husband, or just a really good pal, the world wants to hear about it.

So share your story with us! (Please keep it clean and public-friendly.)

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Christopher  in Burscough (United Kingdom)

Hi Grindr

Me and my fiancé Stephen, would like to thank you guys for such an amazing app,  me and Stephen met on your app and now we live together and are engaged to be married. we feel we owe this to Grindr, so thank you again.

Dustin  in Alexandria (USA)

I am so grateful for grindr, I met my husband and solemate there! In febuary of 2011 I met my future husband. my user name was “copster” and his was flyboyndel. we are both Police Officers, but we didnt know that at the time. He asked me what copster stood for and I told him I was a Police Officer, and his reponse was he was one also. We talked for a couple of hours and exchanged pictures back and forth. I have never met or used the internet to meet people before, this was my first time using a website, app or internet based tool to do so. We ended up meeting that night for drinks, at a local bar called Hardtimes, and the rest is history. We married on 10-23-2011 in Washington, DC in front of friends and Family. I never had expected to find true love on Grindr and I did!! We are so thankful for Grindr and we tell all of our friends that! We hope you can use our story to inspire others to use Grindr to find TRUE LOVE. Thanks again for bringing me and Loren together.


Dustin & Loren Smith-West

Min & Paopao  in Suzhou (China)

Thinking that Grindr is just for people looking for one night hookups, I never expected that a simple “Hello” from a Filipino, living here in China, would blossom into a love shared by two people coming from two different countries. We are now living together for almost two months and we are enjoying every single moment of it. Because of Grindr, we are both experiencing a big change in our lives. Everyday we discover something new about each other and we are loving each other more and more. Thank you Grindr!

Brian  in Charlotte (US)

Wanted to thank Grindr and the Bar at 316, Charlotte, NC for a great party. Aric Taylor of Bar at 316 worked extremely hard to promote and ensure it was a success! Grindr is great way to connect with other guys.  Thanks!

Nathan  in Poughkeepsie (USA)

I’ve been an on and off user of Grindr (mainly because of the ex’s). When I decided to use it for friends and such, it opened up a whole new social networking tool for me. Now I’m a regular…

Since then I’ve met some of my greatest friends and my current boyfriend.

I want to change the opinion people in my area have about this app. Yes people can find hook ups, but that’s what craig’slist is for. In the small community of gays that I live in, many have met each other on Grindr but never really did any networking or actually met up with one another. I’ve taken up a role as a bridge for, what I call, the “Grindr Boys”. I would like to see more events in the area and would love to be a part of the process. The gay scene in the Hudson Valley, NY has began to grow exponentially.

Lets get Grindn on the Hudson Valley!!!!

Michaela  in Terrigal (Australia)

I personally haven’t had anything to do with Grindr, but I thought I would come here and discuss the positive experience my best friend has had. My best friend only came out at the end of 2009, after leaving high school. He joined Grindr as a way to get in contact with more gays in the area and met his now boyfriend of more than a year. They met on here, and are inseparable. Talking about marriage, children etc. Just wanted to come here and tell you my story, thank you so much for giving this to people out there. Hope more people have had a positive experience like my best friend!

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