Grindr’s Best of 2012 Awards

The polls are closed, and the votes have been counted. The guys of Grindr have spoken, and it’s time to unveil the results: Grindr’s Best of 2012 Awards! We’ve got winners to announce in an array of categories.

You guys voted, and you’ve chosen this year’s most influential gay icons and trendsetters – the hands-down best gay and gay-relevant people, places and phenomena of 2012. So without further delay, let’s tear open the envelope and take a look at who (and what) got the crown this year.

Gay icon of the year: Anderson Cooper
Straight ally of the year: Barack Obama
Best TV show: “Modern Family”
Best source for gossip: TMZ
Best TV host: Ellen DeGeneres
TIE for best comedian: Kathy Griffin and Margaret Cho
Best athlete: Orlando Cruz
Movie of the year: “Magic Mike”
Song of the year: “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen
Gadget of the year: iPhone 5

We also asked users in specific cities to nominate the best local hotspots, trendsetters, personalities and advocates in their backyards. Check out the winners below.

Gym with the hottest guys:
• Fitness SF (San Francisco)
• Vida Fitness (Washington, D.C.)
• David Barton Gym, Chelsea (New York)
• 24 Hour Fitness (Denver)
• Boston Sports Club (Boston)
• FFC Fitness (Chicago)
• Equinox (Los Angeles)
• 24 Hour Fitness (Houston)
• Club Fitness (St. Louis)
• 24 Hour Fitness (Dallas)

Best place to get a haircut:
• Salon Baobao (San Francisco)
• Bang Salon (Washington, D.C.)
• Astor Place Barber Shop (New York)
• Floyd’s 99 Barber Shop (Denver)
• Barbershop Deluxe (Boston)
• Chicago Male (Chicago)
• Shorty’s Barber Shop (Los Angeles)
• Sports Clips (Houston)
• Paul Mitchell Salon (St. Louis)
• Supercuts on Lemmon (Dallas)

Best place to take a first date:
• Castro (San Francisco)
• Lauriol Plaza (Washington, D.C.)
• Central Park (New York)
• TIE: Red Rocks and Linger (Denver)
• Club Cafe (Boston)
• Wood (Chicago)
• The Grove (Los Angeles)
• Boheme Café and Wine Bar (Houston)
• Forest Park (St. Louis)
• West Village (Dallas)

Best Sunday Funday:
• Jock Sundays at The Lookout (San Francisco)
• Drag Brunch at Nellie’s Sports Bar (Washington, D.C.)
• Griffin Sundays at the Griffin (New York)
• Legendary Beer Bust at Wrangler (Denver)
• Fritz (Boston)
• Sidetrack (Chicago)
• The Abbey (Los Angeles)
• Crocker (Houston)
• Just John (St. Louis)
• The Grapevine (Dallas)

Favorite gay bar/club:
• Badlands (San Francisco)
• Town Dance Boutique (Washington, D.C.)
• Therapy (New York)
• X Bar (Denver)
• Club Cafe (Boston)
• Roscoe’s (Chicago)
• The Abbey (Los Angeles)
• F Bar (Houston)
• Just John (St. Louis)
• The Round-Up Saloon (Dallas)

Favorite bartender:
• Mike at Lookout (San Francisco)
• Carlos at JR’s (Washington, D.C.)
• Jacob at G (New York)
• Kurt at Tracks (Denver)
• Joe Jovelle (Boston)
• Linda Little (Chicago)
• Anthony Saldana (Los Angeles)
• Leo at South Beach (Houston)
• Christian Lucas (St. Louis)
• Dylan Brown (Dallas)

Best gay night/party:
• Beatbox (San Francisco)
• Bear Happy Hour at Town (Washington, D.C.)
• Alegria (New York)
• Thursdays at Tracks (Denver)
• Epic Saturdays at the House of Blues (Boston)
• Northalsted Market Days (Chicago)
• Rasputin (Sat., Los Angeles) / Stripper Circus at Here Lounge (Wed., Los Angeles)
• Saturday Nights at South Beach (Houston)
• Attitudes Nightclub (St. Louis)
• Purple Party (Dallas)

Best DJ:
• Haute Toddy (San Francisco)
• TIE: Matt Bailer and Shea Van Horn (Washington, D.C.)
• Corey Craig (New York)
• Sean O’Grady (Denver)
• Richie LaDue (Boston)
• Phil DaBeatz (Chicago)
• Josh Peace (Los Angeles)
• Joe Ross (Houston)
• Charlie Buttons (St. Louis)
• Brandon Moses (Dallas)

Fiercest drag queen/nightlife personality:
• Pollo Del Mar (San Francisco)
• Shaquita Lee (Washington, D.C.)
• Bianca Del Rio (New York)
• Nina Flowers (Denver)
• Katya Zamolodchikova (Boston)
• Frida Lay (Chicago)
• Raven (Los Angeles)
• Kofi Cakes (Houston)
• Dieta Pepsi (St. Louis)
• Krystal Summers (Dallas)

Local hero/community advocate of the year:
• Scott Wiener (San Francisco)
• Barack Obama (Washington, D.C.)
• Anderson Cooper (New York)
• Corky Blankenship (Denver)
• Elizabeth Warren (Boston)
• Bill Pritchard (Chicago)
• John Duran (Los Angeles)
• Annise Parker (Houston)
• Leon Braxton (St. Louis)
• James Doyle (Dallas)

Best local gay news outlet:
• The Bay Area Reporter (San Francisco)
• Metro Weekly (Washington, D.C.)
• Next Magazine (New York)
• OutFront Colorado (Denver)
• (online, Boston) / Bay Windows (print, Boston)
• Windy City Times (Chicago)
• Frontiers (Los Angeles)
• OutSmart Magazine (Houston)
• The Vital Voice (St. Louis)
• Dallas Voice (Dallas)

Thanks to all of our Grindr guys for voting, and congratulations to all the winners. See you again at the end of 2013!

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