Grindr Users Around the World

Here are a few fun facts about Grindr:

We currently have over 700,000 users around the world, in over 162 countries – even countries like Albania, Ethiopia, Fiji, Iraq, and Yemen. Wherever you are, there is bound to be a Grindr guy near you.

Every day the average user will spend about 1 hour and 30 minutes online with Grindr, logging in about 9 times a day.

Grindr has approximately 178,800 active users every day, 281,000 active users every week, and 424,900 active users every month. Check out the list below of our top countries and cities around the world for Grindr users. It might help you plan your next vacation!


Top Ten Countries     Top Ten Metro Areas
United States 289,400   New York City 65,000
UK 98,300   Los Angeles 46,400
Australia 79,800   London 39,000
France 22,400   San Francisco 33,800
Canada 18,000   Miami 24,600
Japan 17,900   Dallas 19,000
Germany 9,400   Sydney 15,400
Singapore 8,900   Paris 15,300
Spain 7,800   Tokyo 12,900
Italy 7,600   Melbourne 11,400

Grindr data current as of April 2010