Grindr Security

photo-3_225_400There have been recent reports that Grindr has an alleged security flaw and we wanted to clarify the matter with you all. There is nothing that matters more to us than our users and protecting the Grindr community is a core priority.  As part of the Grindr service, users rely on sharing location information with other users as a core function of the application. We are always focused on doing what we’ve set out to do from the beginning: help guys meet other guys. Grindr’s geolocation technology is the best way for users to meet up simply and efficiently.  As such, we do not view this as a security flaw.

For Grindr users concerned about showing their proximity, we make it very easy for them to remove this option and we encourage them to disable ‘show distance’ in their privacy settings. If a user wishes to turn off his distance setting, all he needs to do is toggle the show distance option in Settings. The app will still work, however other users won’t be able to see exactly how far they are.

We are continuously updating our platform to increase security across our networks and we do our best to keep our Grindr community secure.  Stay tuned for continued enhancements and new features in our upcoming app updates.