Give Us Your Best Shot!

Are you really proud of your Grindr profile photo? Have you got some really cute amateur headshots sitting around? Are you an aspiring model with any kind of portfolio photos? If so, we'd love to use your image in our marketing material.

“What does 'marketing material' mean, exactly?” you ask. Well, take a look at the picture to the left — that's a sample cascade (a.k.a. the grid of nearby guys you see when you open Grindr). So you could end up there! Not bad, eh?

If we select your photo, we'll give you some cash and other cool freebies. Please be 21 or older and make sure the image you submit follows the following criteria: 

– Smile.
– Don't wear sunglasses.
– Have someone else take the photo. (That means no in-mirror shots, handhelds, overheads, etc.)
– Make sure the photo is high-res. (1.2 MBs or higher.)
– Make sure the photo is in color. (So no black-and-white shots, please!)
– Read Grindr's Profile Guidelines carefully be certain your photo sticks to the guidelines.

If your photo meets all the above qualifications, send it to promotions [at] We look forward to seeing all your pretty faces!