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Behind the Grindr Name

Posted on November 8, 2010 by Grindr Team

So what’s in a name you ask? Well if the name is Grindr, then there’s probably more to it than you think.

Since we launched nearly two years ago, over a million of you have downloaded Grindr and in the process helped us become the world’s largest, all-male, mobile, social networking utility. Along the way, many of you have asked where the Grindr name came from, so we thought we’d clear up all the speculation -- right here, right now -- for once and for all.

Here’s the deal: The name ‘Grindr’ was chosen because it embodied the idea of "grinding" people together in the same way that a coffee grinder grinds coffee beans. Our app helps introduce like-minded users to each other in 180 countries around the world and helps them form new relationships of all kinds. The name is also partly a combination of the words "Guy “ and “Finder". Put the two explanations together and you’ve got the history behind the name Grindr and the social networking revolution you’ve helped make happen.