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iOS 6 Update and Grindr

Posted on September 18, 2012 by Grindr Team

For those of you on the very cutting edge of all things Apple, we have some news to share with you. First of all, Grindr will work on iOS 6 (and that includes the iPhone 5).

We have an update to your current Grindr coming your way very soon, and it's going to fix the iOS 6 compatibility issues we've identified.

Here are some of the issues you may experience with your current Grindr or Grindr Xtra and iOS 6:

  • When you go to upload a new profile photo and select "Choose Existing Photo," your camera may open, which will allow you to take a photo on the spot, but your Camera Roll may not open.
  • When you do attempt to take a profile photo to upload, you may end up with a black/blank screen.
  • When you change your weight in your profile, Grindr may crash.
  • When you try to delete your profile, Grindr may crash.


If you're planning to update your profile photo anytime soon, we suggest you do so before updating to iOS 6 or switching to the iPhone 5. If you already have iOS 6 or the iPhone 5, we advise that you hold off on updating your profile picture. A Grindr update to your current Grindr or Grindr Xtra that addresses these iOS 6 compatibility issues will be available in iTunes very soon, and we'll let you know when it's there. Thanks!

A Whole New Grindr

Posted on June 17, 2012 by Grindr Team

The Grindr community has just exceeded 4 million users worldwide, meaning there are more guys on this mobile social app than anywhere else. Together we've created the largest mobile gay community known to humankind. Not bad!

To keep up with all of you, we here at Grindr HQ have been working tirelessly to create a revolutionary new version of Grindr, which will be available as soon as we put the finishing touches on it.

“With 4 million men, Grindr is the best place to meet guys, and we’re introducing the new Grindr, which makes your search a lot easier and faster, with new features such as filters and communities,” said Joel Simkhai, founder and CEO of Grindr. “The new Grindr continues our commitment to innovation and our belief in leveraging location-based technologies to help gay men find one another.”

With the new Grindr, we're introducing a long list of fun new features that you're sure to find extremely helpful in your quest to quickly find just the type of guy you're looking for.

The new Grindr will give you better functionality, including filters, a new slide-screen menu, and an optimized interface with a revamped look and feel that still maintains the classic Grindr framework that all of you know and love.

Here’s just a sampling of what the New Grindr will be capable of:

  • A new filter option will let you narrow down your search results.
  • A new profile field and filter setting with communities (e.g., bears, jocks, and more) will allow you to personalize your experience by specifying what kind of guy you are and what kind of guy you’re looking for. That way, you’ll increase your odds of finding someone who’s just your type.
  • A new chats screen will enable you to see all of your recent chats in list form.
  • And many more features to be released this summer.

For a sneak peek of some new Grindr screenshots, check out

Get ready to experience Grindr like you never have before.

We can't wait to unleash the New Grindr. We're confident that you're really going to love it. Stay tuned for more, and thanks again for being Grindr guys!

This Week’s Updates: Android, Blackberry & iOS!

Posted on November 4, 2011 by Grindr Team

Attention Android users: Version 1.1.4 is now available to update in the Android Market. With general bug fixes, your app should be running smoother than ever. Just take a moment and click here to update to the latest version of Grindr and Grindr Xtra on Android.

Are you a Grindr Blackberry user? Update now to Version 1.0.6. Fixes in this update include chat related crashes, better profile previews displaying the photo, and improvements to our overall design. Click here to download the latest version of Grindr and Grindr Xtra on Blackberry.

Last but not least, iOS users can also update to Version 1.6.6. With this version, you’ll find better compatibility with iOS5. Prior, you may have experienced slow loading time within the app, but with this update- you’ll have less waiting and more time to meet new guys. We’ve also improved incidences of crashing when the app is minimized.

If using Grindr or Grindr Xtra on your mobile device, tap ‘More’ to update. Or find the latest version of Grindr in the iTunes app store here.

iOS Grindr, Grindr Xtra 1.6.1 Brings Zoom & Pan, Bug Fixes and more

Posted on September 28, 2011 by Grindr Team

Grindr & Grindr Xtra iOS users: Be sure to update to the latest version, 1.6.1, available now in the iTunes app store!

Today's update brings iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users a brand new way to navigate profile and chat photos, with multi-touch zoom and pan functions. You can now explore photos on Grindr the same way you do with images from your camera or on the web using your iOS device. This version also includes a few bug fixes to make the app run more smoothly.

The latest update is currently available for Grindr and Grindr Xtra in the iTunes App Store and at

iOS Grindr Xtra 1.6: Latest Update Brings Zooming, Panning, Sharing & More!

Posted on September 21, 2011 by Grindr Team

Grindr Xtra version 1.6 for iOS is here! We're really excited to introduce some brand new features in this update for our iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users that will take your Grindr experience to a new level.

The new zoom and pan tool lets you explore photos in profiles and in chats in a much more interactive way, just as you do with images from your camera or web, using the multi-touch functions on your iOS device.

With our new sharing feature, you can easily ask your Grindr friends to add you as one of their favorites.  You can also tell your selected Facebook friends about Grindr Xtra and help us spread the word about Grindr.

We’ve also improved several features, with fixes to some issues on location sharing, profile updating, and repeated broadcast messages.  If you are still experiencing issues related these features, or have any new issues to report, contact us at  As always, we would like to thank those users who have helped us improve our app by contacting us. This upgrade would not have been possible without your feedback.

The latest update is currently available for Grindr Xtra on the iTunes App Store and at

Version 1.6 for Grindr is pending review by Apple and will be out soon!  In the meantime, we recommend users upgrade to Xtra to get the most out of your Grindr experience.  Future releases will bring these features to our other platforms as well, so stay tuned!