Join Grindr in Supporting AIDS Walk Los Angeles

We are happy to announce that Grindr will be participating in the 2011 AIDS Walk Los Angeles. The money we raise will go directly to APLA (AIDS Project Los Angeles). APLA is dedicated to: improving the lives of people affected by HIV disease; reducing the incidence of HIV infection; and advocating for fair and effective HIV-related public policy.

You can join Grindr in supporting this important cause in a number of ways:

Make a donation to the Grindr AIDS Walk team:

Register with the Grindr team to help us get donations:

Team Name: Grindr
Team Number: 9866

Those of you in the Los Angeles area can also join us at the event, which takes place October 16th, starting at 8:30am. Keep in mind registering for the Grindr team does not obligate you to walk during the event but we do encourage you to come out and show your support. We hope you’ll contribute what you can or even just take a moment to share this with friends!

iOS Grindr, Grindr Xtra 1.6.1 Brings Zoom & Pan, Bug Fixes and more

Grindr & Grindr Xtra iOS users: Be sure to update to the latest version, 1.6.1, available now in the iTunes app store!

Today's update brings iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users a brand new way to navigate profile and chat photos, with multi-touch zoom and pan functions. You can now explore photos on Grindr the same way you do with images from your camera or on the web using your iOS device. This version also includes a few bug fixes to make the app run more smoothly.

The latest update is currently available for Grindr and Grindr Xtra in the iTunes App Store and at

Have Men From Your Past Reappeared on Grindr?

At Grindr, we’re always eager to hear what our users have to say about our product. Recently on Facebook, we posed the question, “Have you ever found and reconnected with an old friend or someone from your past through Grindr?” Much like the men one may encounter on Grindr, the answers we received were all over the map.

One person reconnected with his ex-boyfriend from six years ago, leading to some “reconciliation” in the back of his ex’s car. Another gentleman encountered a past love from twenty-six (!) years ago on Grindr’s Facebook page, and the two plan to meet up soon. Another says a guy he knew for 20 years but hasn't seen in over a decade lives around the corner, a connection he was surprised to make thanks to Grindr. A cool guy in shades rediscovered “his marine”, while another got back in touch with his best friend. Several people re-encountered old bosses through Grindr, which could either be cool or or exceptionally awkward depending on the boss.

Several responders didn’t seem too happy that ex-boyfriends attempted to contact them, and one man even had to block his former-love. Other Facebookers simply said “no”, and while we’re never ones to make judgements at Grindr, sometimes the best move is to just move on. Either way, you never know what familiar face may show up on your cascade the next time you open Grindr, enjoy!

Android Grindr & Grindr Xtra 1.1.0: New Views for Everyone!

The latest Grindr and Grindr Xtra updates for Android have arrived on the Android Market at!

Version 1.1.0 introduces some brand new features, including multiple view options for all users.  To switch between views, simply tap and hold, then select from the options in the menu for all users, nearby users (without your favorites), favorites only and the all new recent chats view.  With recent chats view, Grindr displays the guys you've chatted with for the past 30 days, starting with the most recent.  Keep track of all the guys you've been chatting with using this handy new feature!

We have made the multiple view option even easier and quicker for Grindr Xtra users.  Grindr Xtra users can quickly swipe through the views with a single stroke, making in-app navigation even smoother!  To get the most out of your Grindr experience, upgrade to Grindr Xtra in the Settings menu on Grindr and take advantage of all the latest enhancements to the app.

Other updates in v.1.1.0 include the ability to preview before sending location, new social links for Twitter and LinkedIn (in addition to Facebook), and new sound alerts, as well as improvements to location sharing and fixes to profile picture display issues.  If you are still experiencing issues related to the above fixes, or have any new issues to report, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

As always, we would like to thank those users who have helped us improve our app by contacting us. This upgrade would not have been possible withoutyour feedback.

iOS Grindr Xtra 1.6: Latest Update Brings Zooming, Panning, Sharing & More!

Grindr Xtra version 1.6 for iOS is here! We're really excited to introduce some brand new features in this update for our iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users that will take your Grindr experience to a new level.

The new zoom and pan tool lets you explore photos in profiles and in chats in a much more interactive way, just as you do with images from your camera or web, using the multi-touch functions on your iOS device.

With our new sharing feature, you can easily ask your Grindr friends to add you as one of their favorites.  You can also tell your selected Facebook friends about Grindr Xtra and help us spread the word about Grindr.

We’ve also improved several features, with fixes to some issues on location sharing, profile updating, and repeated broadcast messages.  If you are still experiencing issues related these features, or have any new issues to report, contact us at  As always, we would like to thank those users who have helped us improve our app by contacting us. This upgrade would not have been possible without your feedback.

The latest update is currently available for Grindr Xtra on the iTunes App Store and at

Version 1.6 for Grindr is pending review by Apple and will be out soon!  In the meantime, we recommend users upgrade to Xtra to get the most out of your Grindr experience.  Future releases will bring these features to our other platforms as well, so stay tuned!