Friday Is Coming! We’ve Got Parties in Singapore, Thailand, and, Again, All Over the U.S. of A.

We’ve just hit the middle of our Million Man Celebration Week, and the parties just keep on coming. For Friday night, we’ve got two bashes on the lovely continent of Asia, while the rest are steadfastly within the North American sphere. First up, check out Singapore‘s whimsical get-together at PLAY Bar & Club, kicking off at 21:00. Never to be outdone by their nearby Indonesian neighbors, Thailand‘s gay-friendly Phuket Island—roughly the size of Singapore, according to their calculations—is hosting a party at Connect Guesthouse in Paradise Complex. There’s even a free snack buffet! Now, for the American celebrations: we know we already hit up New York City, Philly, Miami Beach, and L.A. already. But we’re doing it again on Friday night. Where else can you find us? In Canada (Victoria), Louisiana (New Orelans), Florida (St. Petersburg), Massachusetts (Haverhill), Washington (Bremerton), Texas (Dallas), Nevada (Las Vegas and Reno), and Chicago (Oak Park). Click through for the full list of parties, times, and what you can do to get free admission:

Vancouver and Madrid and Amsterdam, Oh My! Grindr Parties Also Touch Down All Over the U.S.A.

Is it the weekend yet? Practically: Thursday’s Grindr parties are ready to kick off in so many world cities that we’re not sure where to start.  First off, the Spaniards are sure to show us their penchant for late-night fiestas, with Volta Café hosting a party that’s sure to stretch from 20:00 long into the night. And Canada’s Vancouver and the Netherlands’ Amsterdam, normally seen as more serene—in some ways—are also holding their own fetes. Last but not least, the always-inspirational Miley Cyrus has inspired us to ramp up the party in the U.S.A., and so we’ve got bar nights for you in six American cities: Dallas, Milwaukee, Waikiki (Hawaii!), L.A. (Hollywood!), Miami Beach, and good ol’ seat-of-the-Revolution Boston. As usual, click on for the details:

Wednesday’s Parties: From Kansas to Cardiff

What’s in store for Wednesday night? Well, if you’re anywhere near Wales, you might want to get your heart racing at Pulse, Cardiff’s hottest dance club. Mention Grindr at the door and you’ll even get free admission after 10pm. (22:00, as the Brits say.) Click through to see the full list of Wednesday’s parties—we’re throwing shindigs in White Plains, Kansas, and Philly—and all the details thereof.

Million Man Celebration Week Kicks Off With Parties in London, New York City, and Dayton, Ohio

Are you ready to celebrate Grindr’s 1,000,000+ members? Then this week is perfect for you: we’ve got tons of parties taking place at gay-friendly bars across the globe, where you can meet a cluster of fellow Grindr users in person. Drink specials and reduced/free admission should help the connections along their way, whether you’re looking to network professionally, meet new friends, or find the man of your dreams. On Tuesday, September 28, 2010, London, New York City, and Dayton host the first three parties of Million Man Celebration Week. Here are the details:

We’ve Got Grindr Parties For You. Celebrate with us.

You already know that we just hit 1,000,000 members. And we’re sure you’re ready to celebrate along with us, right? Well, we’ve got Grindr parties for you. Tons of ‘em. There’s a party Down Under – ever been to Surfers Paradise in Queensland, Australia? Naturally, there’s one in New York City on October 1st. Heck, we’re even making it to Phuket, Thailand. Get all the details, what we like to call the (“when, where, and what”) here. We’ll leave the “who” to you guys, so show up, bring a friend, and have fun!