Grindr X(tra) 1.2 is here with Rapid Swipe

Hot on the heels of signing up our 600,000th user, we are now unleashing a revved up version of Grindr (X)tra. Full of new features that will make finding guys in your area easier, faster and even less complicated than before, Grindr (X)tra 1.2 is finally here!

What’s new exclusively to Grindr (X)tra? Swipe. With swipe you can now swipe between profiles. In exactly the same way that a flick of your finger advances photos in an iPhone or iPod touch photo album, a swipe either to the left or right will now display the next or previous Grindr guy. We've also made connecting even quicker and more convenient by adding Rapid Swipe, an option that you can toggle based on the speed of your data connection. (Those who connect via Edge are recommended to toggle Rapid Swipe off.)

We've also previously launched Push message notification, a feature that alerts you of new messages even when you’re not signed on to Grindr (X)tra. Additionally, Grindr (X)tra displays a total of 200 guys in your area at a time and remains banner ad free.

We're excited about the innovations we're now able to bring to you with Grindr (X)tra 1.2, but we're equally excited about some updates we've made that benefit the entire Grindr community. Check out these new features to both Grindr X(tra) and Grindr:

1) Double Tap — Double tap on a profile and you can view a fellow Grindr user's photo without text and icons. Double tap again and the text and icons are restored.
2) Horizontal Keyboard – The keyboard now allows you to type either horizontally or vertically.
3) Cut, copy and paste chat messages.
4) Faster scroll of the main cascade of photos.

If you are Grindr user, we invite you to upgrade and experience Rapid Swipe and Push message notification with Grindr X(tra). You can subscribe to Grindr X(tra) for just $2.99 USD a month. And you don't have to worry about automatic renewals or being locked into anything long-term because we will ask you every month if you'd like to renew your subscription, so if you don't want to renew, you can simply go back to Grindr.

To upgrade to this new updated version, visit or go to the iTunes App Store. Updates are free of charge for current Grindr X(tra) users.

To update or download Grindr 1.2 visit

Hope you enjoy the updates.