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On March 25, 2009 we launched Grindr, an innovative location-based iPhone & iPod touch social-networking application and service that lets you find and meet nearby gay, bi, and curious men. The ongoing cost for this free service has been and continues to be supported by our advertisers with banner ads, allowing us to expand the global Grindr network, provide an incredible support staff and ensure the stability of the technical infrastructure. From the beginning, this free service has been very popular. A large number of our users gave us feedback that they loved Grindr, but that they wanted more features.

You asked and we listened! In May 2009 we launched Grindr X(tra), a subscription-based version of the Grindr service with a monthly fee that removes the banner ads and gives you extra features. Grindr X(tra) lets you see up to 200 guys in your area and sends push notification alerts whenever you receive a message while Grindr X(tra) is not running. Also, the Grindr X(tra) subscription provides a way for you to contribute financially and further support Grindr's development efforts.

Many subscribers have noticed that Grindr X(tra) is banner ad-free and up until now we have waived the monthly subscription fee. The Grindr team felt the need to further improve the application and services to meet our high standards prior to activating the monthly fee. Our dedicated team of developers and support staff continue to work on improving Grindr X(tra) and Grindr. Throughout this past year, we received feedback for potential improvements and we implemented many of the suggestions in the current versions. As we update our future releases, we look forward to continuing our efforts to further develop new features and enhance service.

To stay on the forefront of social networking, we need your financial support and ask that you consider subscribing to Grindr X(tra) (download at All revenue generated from subscription fees is reinvested in the Grindr community so that we can continue to make a great experience even better for you.

To download and find more information about the Grindr X(tra) subscription and features, we invite you to visit the Grindr X(tra) page on the iTunes App Store ( Additional information can be found in the Grindr Support Center and Knowledgebase ( with information about the standard features for Grindr and the added benefits of subscribing to Grindr X(tra) – ( The ad-supported version of Grindr will continue to be available at no cost with basic features. Grindr X(tra) will continue to have added features, giving you a richer experience with the premium version of our service.

As we celebrate our first year together, Grindr thanks you for your continued involvement and support. We're looking forward to our second year and all that we will accomplish as a community. We couldn't do this without you!

The San Francisco Chronicle profiled Grindr today

The San Francisco Chronicle profiled Grindr today. ‘Gay men meet up through Grindr app for iPhone’ Thanks to all you 20,000 Grindr guys in the Bay area.

“Alex Cohen is on a date – sort of. He’s having Thai food in the Castro with his new friend Sean, whom he met through his iPhone, all the while texting nine other guys whom he might hook up with later.

Not that Sean is offended. Between bites of fried calamari, he’s texting a handful of other men who might become his Mr. Right for the night.

They are “grinding,” the latest verb in the gay lexicon, which refers to the new gay dating app for the iPhone called Grindr. A revolutionary way to meet gay men, Grindr has eliminated the need for “gay-dar”; it uses GPS technology to download hundreds of pictures of available men within walking distance.

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Celebrate Grindr’s 1st Birthday – Throw A Party!

Ready to be part of the biggest Grindr party of the year? Are you a business somewhere in the world, who would like to host a birthday celebration for Grindr?

Can you believe it's already Grindr's one-year anniversary? That's right—back on March 25th 2009, Grindr officially went live and has since meteorically risen to become the most widely used mobile location-based social networking tool for men across the globe! Hot on the heels of signing on our 500,000th member, we're more than ready to celebrate our first birthday with dozens of parties happening across world.

As a Grindr user be sure look out for official Grindr Birthday Party messages to see what parties are going on in your neck of the woods. If your a business that wants to have a party, check out this link and fill out the form.