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Connecting the gay community

With 2 million daily active users in 196 different countries around the world, thousands of new guys are joining Grindr every day. We’re reaching critical mass.

The idea behind Grindr for Equality is to harness this huge global network -- all of you -- to do some amazing work for GLBT equality and to advance the cause of our community worldwide. Simply put, let’s use Grindr to organize and fight for our rights.

How does it work? So far, we’ve used our geo-targeting software to send out messages to users and encourage them to participate in some of the most significant recent events in the GLBT community.

With our ability to reach millions of users, Grindr is in a unique position to provide real and meaningful assistance within the GLBT community. There is strength in numbers, and Grindr for Equality will enable our users to put the Grindr platform to use for the greater good.

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Keep us in the loop

Grindr for Equality welcomes any and all information pertaining to GLBT rights. Using the form below, let us know about any actions, rallies, protests, or political initiatives in your area. We’ll assess your message and if we find that Grindr can be of service, we’ll use the app to help spread the word.

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Just a few examples of Grindr for Equality in action

Ryan Wilson of the Harriet Hancock Center Foundation in Columbia, S.C., contacted Grindr for Equality to tell us about a celebration and vigil being hosted along with Servicemembers Legal Defense Network and Equality South Carolina in honor of the official repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” The event was designed for servicemembers stationed at nearby Fort Jackson who had been using the Harriet Hancock Center as a resource. Grindr for Equality sent out a broadcast message to Grindr users within a 50-mile radius of Fort Jackson in order to raise awareness of the event, which honored and celebrated GLBT cadets, who had remained anonymous for so many years.

Grindr for Equality sent a broadcast message to all Grindr users to raise awareness and celebrate the repeal of the U.S. military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy in September 2011. The message included a link to a donation page for the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network. More than 5,000 Grindr users clicked through to that page.

In November 2011, politicians in St. Petersburg, Russia, began taking steps to approve legislation that would ban “gay propaganda” in the presence of children. That “propaganda” included the “promotion of expression of lesbianism and sodomy.” Grindr for Equality sent out a broadcast message that provided a link to a petition encouraging the leading Russian party to stop the legislation. The link got 57,009 clicks.

Although a largely inclusive society, Brazil has seen a spike in GLBT crime, with murders on the rise. A group called the Equality Moms was formed to petition for stricter hate-crime laws and penalties. In October 2011, Grindr for Equality provided a national broadcast message across Brazil to drive people to the Equality Moms’ petition. Thousands clicked the link we provided.

The African nation of Cameroon is one of 80 countries that criminalize homosexuality. Late September and early October 2011 saw a big spike in attacks and arrests of Cameroonian GLBT citizens. Grindr for Equality sent out a worldwide broadcast message with a link demanding Cameroon’s president, Paul Biya, abide by the human rights laws he signed and end the discrimination. Roughly 9,000 users clicked that link.

Grindr recently shared with the world the journey of Yuval and Liran, an Israeli gay couple, with the dream of having a child. After a doing everything right, the couple realized they had been misled by their government and it cost them thousands in finances and almost their dream of parenthood. Grindr for Equality knew we needed to help so we decided to donate all new Grindr Xtra subscriptions, from Israel over the next week, to Yuval and Liran. It is causes like this that remind us that equality is truly more than just marriage, it is an issue that touches all different facets of gay life.

You can learn more about their story here: